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Bench Top 6 1/2″ Wide Mechanical Label Dispenser $48.27/piece
Bench Top 6 1/2″ Wide Mechanical Label Dispenser $48.27/piece

These easy to use dispensers are versatile and will work with any size, shape or material of either die-cut or butt-cut labels. Simply pull on the liner and the label is peeled and ready to apply. Economical and convenient, these dispensers can be used with 1 roll or multiple rolls of labels and no operator training or tools are required.

Our Tach-It pdl series of manual label dispensers has non-slip feed to hold the dispenser securely to any bench top. Heavy duty metal construction for industrial applications, and roll separators allowing for multiple label roll use are all advantages of this machine.

Sold in Eachs of 1 pieces.
Ordering 1 of this product will get you 1 pieces.

$48.27 Add to cart