packing stuff - everything you need to ship it out! does offer free shipping on large orders. Depending on what state your product shipped to, we can offer completely FREE shipping (though we do have to include a $100 fuel surcharge) . Please see the table below to find your state. offers quality products at wholesale prices. Compare our pricing to our competitors who say they offer “free shipping.” With our shipping costs included, we still have some of the lowest prices in the industry. We keep our prices fair on all items – not just a few to lure you in so that we can overcharge you on the other items.

Nothing in this world is free, including shipping costs. You think you are getting something for free from other companies because they hide the shipping costs in the price you pay for the product. Not We keep our prices low, and you pay the exact shipping fee (based on how much your order weighs). We fulfill from four warehouses around the country to get you the best value.

(Please Note: At this time we do not offer shipping outside of the Continental 48 states).

State Order Amount to Qualify for FREE Shipping
Alabama $2229
Arizona $2229
Arkansas $1926
California $2410
Colorado $2172
Connecticut $1879
Delaware $1825
District Of Columbia $1948
Florida $2083
Georgia $1896
Idaho $2410
Illinois $1888
Indiana $1882
Iowa $2002
Kansas $2330
Kentucky $2128
Louisiana $2100
Maine $2298
Maryland $1851
Massachusetts $1851
Michigan $2287
Minnesota $1888
Mississippi $1966
Missouri $1966
Montana $2198
Nebraska $2112
Nevada $2453
New Hampshire $2606
New Jersey $1849
New Mexico $2453
New York $2311
North Carolina $1965
North Dakota $2408
Ohio $1883
Oklahoma $2121
Oregon $2121
Pennsylvania $1849
Rhode Island $1849
South Carolina $1879
South Dakota $2280
Tennessee $1849
Texas $1940
Utah $2420
Vermont $2311
Virginia $2078
Washington $2273
West Virginia $2233
Wisconsin $1896
Wyoming $2298

We hope that you’ll let us earn your business!